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Watch This Adorable Ferret 'Chef' 'Prepare' Mac & Cheese

We aren't sure anyone has as much fun with their adorable little ferrets as @Floofnoodles does. Not only do ferrets make super wonderful companions, but they can obviously bring out your amateur filmmaker creativity as well. 

Now, before your rush out to get your own little floof noodle, it's a good idea to read up on the care and feeding of ferrets. They make wonderful pets but they aren't for everyone. In the meantime, watch this hilarious little floof 'prepare' some macaroni and cheese for your dining enjoyment. He's a top chef! 

10/10 would eat. This ferret obviously has great taste because the stuff in the yellow and blue box is delicious. Commenters on the video agree with that assessment with @Skittleotter saying "Tell the chef that Gordon Ramsay got nothing on him." @KillerQueen says "Thank you for the delicious food my good friend!" @AbagadoToast posts "I love the chef hat and the music so much." 

Us too! We can't decide if we want to cuddle this little guy or have him make us lunch. All we know is Ratatouille from the movie better watch his back, he's got some competition out there! 

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