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Adorable Ferret Frolics in Dry Pasta and We're Here for It

Parents will pretty much do anything for their kids to amuse them. Ask any parent who has bought silly string or Play D'oh or let their kids create vats of slime. With glitter. And plastic beads in it. That the kids then dump on the carpet "on accident." Between finger paints and lite-n-brite pegs and a gazillion different arts and crafts projects every parent knows just how messy it is trying to keep your kid busy. 

And why should pet parents be any different? Just check out what TikTok user @Floofnoodles did to make his adorable little ferret happy. Warning, if you freak out at messes you may want to avert your gaze for this one. LOL. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what pure joy looks like. All you need are some stairs and some dry pasta and an adorable ferret. @Stellapeanut saysThis shows you really love your animals because those noodles you're going to find them everywhere." Word. We hate to think of how clogged a vacuum cleaner could get after this energetic little bout of playtime.  @Naanniss1 says "It's his paradise but a big mess for you." @Jordan has an excellent idea and she suggests "Honestly just get him a plastic pool and fill it with macaroni and add a slide!" 

Now that sounds like a fun idea! All ferrets into the macaroni pool for playtime! Now if only human kids were that easy to amuse! 

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