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Naughty Goats Breaking Into Chicken Coop Are Hilariously Rebellious

Do you ever find yourself looking at Zillow and daydreaming about selling your house and buying a farm just so you can have adorable cows and chickens and goats? Okay, good, it's not just us then! Sure, farm life could be hard.. we'd actually have to clean up after those adorable cows and chickens and goats. And we'd also have to keep our goats from changing their identities and turning into totally different farm animals. 

Don't think that ever happens? Well, how do you explain this! 

These goats totally think they are chickens. What a mess of silly goats! @Turnerisfire says "Not a lot of good decisions were made I can see." that sums up this goat situation perfectly. @Beansy adds "I love the way these animals interact with each other with ever wanting to hurt each other!"@Taryn posts, "The cutest chaos!" And she is so right! @Mommyfarmer who posted the adorably chaotic video is making us all want to move to the country! 

Until we do the whole Green Acres thing, at least we have these hilariously cute videos to tide us over. 

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