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Pug's Comical List of 'Likes and Dislikes' Is Totally Spot-On

Dogs are very opinionated little animals! They love certain toys, hate other ones. Love a special brand of treat one day, the next day decide it's not their favorite. Sure, there are some commonalities for all dog breeds, love being petted, love rolling around in mud after they've been to the groomer, love barking at nothing at 2 a.m. just to scare their owners to bits. But other than that? Dogs have opinions just like us humans do! 

Just take little LouLou here at @PugLoulou. In this video LouLou will give a list of what they like and dislike. Now go grab your own dog and watch this together and see if your dog agrees! 

LOL! All dogs love the zoomies! @Thewriterlily replies, "I love her trying to give herself a belly rub at the end. Like, "uh, mom, it's belly rubs time." Awwwww, so cute! @Romanibebe agrees, posting "She is literally the cutest pug I’ve ever seen." @Melodysarian probably needs to thank LouLou in her graduation speech, because she says "I am getting through work and Grad School at the same time and LouLou has been the serotonin boost I need so badly." LOVE! 

So what did your dog think? Do they agree with LouLou? Or is it a big no on the watermelon? 

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