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'Brainless' Rescue Dog Is So Cute We Can Hardly Stand It

There are just some TikTok accounts where the love just seems to seep through the page when you see the dogs someone has rescued. Such is the case with @SookieandIvy, and you can just tell how loved these silly girls are. Dogs really are the best, and when you welcome one into your home their personalities start to come through and some dogs are serious and stoic, and then, well, there's Ivy. 

Ivy's has pretty much the best facial expressions we have ever seen, and couple this with her hilarious hats and you've got pure internet gold. This is so awesome we can't stand it! 

Her face while wearing the banana hat! We are screaming! @BBruth posts, "I love the zoned out combined with the sass - it’s a great combo!" @Jennobee says "Ha ha I love Ivy. The blank stare and toofs get me every time." Her little teeth are just so adorable! @ChristieK sums it up for everyone posting, "We stan our dissociative queen." 

You never stop being you Ivy! You are a magical princess and we don't deserve you! 

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