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Shih-Tzu's 'Boring' Schedule Is the Definition of 'Livin' the Dream'

Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekly meeting of *HJOTLDL (Humans Jealous Of Their Lazy Dog's Life.) Today, we are going to discuss everything we have to do that our dogs don't. Have you ever seen your dog empty the dishwasher? Take out the trash? Has your dog ever raked leaves then placed the leaves in yard waste recycling bags? 

No. Of course they haven't. Don't get us wrong, we love our dogs to bits and dogs are ridiculously adorable like little Tito here. But like don't you ever wish, just for once, they could get a job? I mean, just look at Tito with his audacity to actually look bored while he's doing nothing but relaxing! 

Pretty sure he glared at mom, TikTok user @MaryJHawk, while she was filming him! The nerve! Being cute is not going to get you out of this, pal! It's time we train our dogs to not only 'sit' and 'shake,' but to use the Swiffer and at least put away their own toys! Dogs are the best but come on, their entire life is eating and sleeping and relaxing and then maybe eating more. It really is, at least to dogs, a dog's life. 

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