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Kind Garbage Man Hailed a Hero After Saving Kittens Who Were Discarded Like Trash

Why people are so cruel to animals is something we will never understand. And for as much good there is in the world, there will also be a few bad apples. One of those bad apples clearly couldn't take care of kittens or didn't want them, which led to a garbage man getting a big surprise on his route.

It was another day out on the job for TikTok user @turboterry77. He heard something unusual that made him stop and check the back of the truck. While digging through, he found a baby kitten crying for help. How on earth could someone throw away this precious little thing? He picked the kitten up, put it in the front seat, and went back to look for more. Wow. It's true what they say, not all heroes wear capes! This rescue will break your heart.

OMG. He found not just one, but three babies. He really is a hero, and we need more people like him in the world. As much praise as we're giving him, this should have never happened. If the person didn't want these kittens, there are plenty of shelters that would be able to care for them. 

"Makes me sick to my stomach. Thank you for saving them," commented @KG LILLIAN. Right? We can't possibly wrap our minds around who could do this. But we'll be forever grateful for this man and people like him who help animals every day! "Thank you for doing this, such a beautiful deed 💜," added @Ellie.

After his rescue, they were brought home. In an update video, he said they're safe and doing great!

These sweet little angels are named Ginger, Cinnamon, and Clover. We love those names! And they're looking SO good after getting all cleaned up and showered with love. Be sure to check back as he will be making a part 3 story about how he heard the kitten in the first place as this, unfortunately, happens a lot in the business he said. But once again, we're so thankful for his attentiveness and this rescue!