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Video of Alligator Breaking Through Window to Get to His Pool Is Priceless

You may have heard of animal lover and TikTok user @corbin_maxey before. Or maybe you've seen him on one of his TV appearances like on The Today Show or Late Night with Seth Meyers. He's an animal expert and currently is a caretaker for over 30 exotic animals. But have you seen his latest encounter with one of his alligators? Because we promise it's one not to miss! 

His alligators have an indoor oasis decked out with a swimming pool to keep them cool. Everyone's wish for this hot and humid summer! They even have a gator door to use and go in and out as they please. But on this certain day, that door was closed. We imagine because it was so that Corbin and his dad could clean. But of course, that upset one alligator named Soni who wanted to be inside. You won't believe how he managed to break in! 

O.M.G. How in the world was Soni able to get up to that window?! Determination is how! He wanted to swim and he wanted to swim right then and there. LOL!

TikTok users are coming to Soni's defense. "My guy just wants to go for a quick dip 😂," commented @evelyndreamdisney. We don't think that's not too much to ask for! "He's just so done waiting outside like's hot outside. He just wants to chill inside 😁😁😁," added @Aiqa Ori. 

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As funny as this video is, we now are in the same boat as @leanna_205 who said, "I now have an irrational fear of an alligator coming through an open window 😂😂." LOL! Someone, please tell us this isn't a common occurrence! So how does avoid the alligator breaking through the window again? You open its gator door of course! 

LOL! We bet they don't make that same mistake of leaving the window open. And if they do, maybe take out the screen so Soni doesn't break it again!

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