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Video of Goose Asking Mom to 'Come do Zoomies' Is As Sweet As It Gets

More often than not, geese get a bad rap. They're known for honking, hissing, and even chasing people out of parks and ponds...and don't get us started on the poop. Even though these experiences are very real, there are also tons of tolerant, even friendly geese who would rather be your friends. That includes Glen and Honk.

These two geese belong to Shirley, who goes by @glen_and_honk on TikTok. In case it wasn't clear by the name, her entire account is dedicated to her two boys, and it's easy to see why. This viral video, which shows Glen asking for their mom to come outside, is just one cute moment on their page. 

Aren't they too funny? And smart, too! It's wild to think that this is the same species that torments parkgoers because these two are so sweet to their mom. They don't chase her away--they want her nearby! No wonder commenters like @marilynmonroe007 think, "this is the best thing ever." It's adorable and unexpected!

"Sweetheart you have wings," wrote @shadwell2021, "they are just disguised as love😌." OMG! That's so precious, actually--we weren't expecting to tear up about a goose video! Then again, we wouldn't be the only one. Viewer @a.v.h___ said, "its so cute im gonna cry😭😭 its like hes trying to teach you how to fly🥺💕😭." That would be the most magical thing!

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Then again, maybe that's not their intention. Maybe @not_karen_ok_omg is onto something with her comment. She asked, "why do they look like they're mocking you at the end? 🥺." LOL! We didn't catch that before, but maybe that's the real reason they love inviting their mama for zoomies.

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