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Video of Geese 'Terrorizing' People on a Camping Trip Has People Cracking Up

You might worry about bears on your next camping trip, but a video online might convince you that there's a bigger threat out there: ducks. Believe us, ducks are not to be messed with. One man learned this the hard way, after a recent camping trip went completely wrong when an angry flock showed up at his campground. 

We're sure that the man on TikTok had no idea that he'd be battling a whole bunch of birds when he set out on his trip. And boy was it an unwelcomed surprise. As the video from Hunter (@hunterorwhatever) shows, the ducks were right outside their tent and things were getting sort of scary. "Bro these ducks were terrorizing us on our first camping trip," the text overlay reads. "Please don't let those ducks in," a voice says from off-camera. At one point, the ducks got more and more aggressive — and you'll have to watch for yourself to see if they survive. 

"Omg my stomach hurts," the caption states. 

The video has since been watched over 3 million times, but people were sort of cracking up about the TiKToker's uncomfortable experience. "Aflac really be pushin' then extended warranties," @kitten_toots joked. "It’s the Blair Duck Project," @facechop kidded. "Y’all owe them money or something?" @ehanrahan719 wondered. “You gonna have to come out of there sooner or later," @user12124989735 teased.

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One person pointed out that technically these were geese that were causing havoc. But let's let the TikTok creator slide seeing as how he was slightly preoccupied with trying to avoid getting pecked apart. 

Although one commenter wasn't convinced that there was anything malicious going on. "Geese. Lmao they just want to say hello," @rangotango20 wrote

Next time stick to knocking, guys! 

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