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Video of German Shorthaired Pointer Escaping Day Care Is Just Too Funny

No matter how much of a good boy your dog is, there are times when they're *whispers* bad. Doggy day care is one of those places where dogs always seem to get into mischief. Including a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) who was recently recorded attempting to make his own great escape. 

The whole thing went down in a video shared on Ryan Scott's (@problempointers) TikTok page. The video shows the pup leaping over an enclosure in at his day care — and yep, he clears the landing. Take a look!

"Make that two day cares we’re banned from," Scott wrote in the video's caption. 

The footage has since been watched almost 900,000 times and people couldn't help but laugh at the footage. "Just out here exposing their weak points!" @lowest_5 teased. "Using that high jump form," @coachkmac29 quipped. "And this is why my facility has tops on the kennels..." @liacoop wrote. "Where I work the walls are 7 feet. I’m surprised they make walls this short because dogs jump or do this," @rescuewoofs added.

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While other people shared that their dogs also got into trouble at day care. "My golden got kicked out of 3 day cares….. we don’t talk about it," @lil_thick_lili admitted. "I had a GSP that escaped his kennel, and locked himself in the bathroom. They had to remove the trim to get him out. They said he wasn’t welcome back," @ishipcans commented. "My in-laws GSP jumped out of his kennel, tore up the trash in the garage & insulated door, jumped back IN the kennel & pretended like it wasn't him," @mrs.dewy623 chimed in. 

Although one commenter probably said it best: "GSP … I’m not surprised lol."

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