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German Shepherd’s Reaction to the AC Being Turned on Is All of Us This Summer

It doesn't matter how close one gets to June, summer always sneaks up on you. One day you're wearing your favorite lightweight jacket and them BOOM — you're sweating in your t-shirt. This is all to say that we totally understood where one German Shepherd was coming from in a video where he sat right in front of the AC vent for the first time this year.  

The hilarious footage was captured and later shared on TikTok, giving over 72,000 people a much-needed laugh. The footage shows the pup, Logan, perched right on top of the AC vent. His little howls as the cold air blows are too funny. You can practically hear how happy he is. "When you turn the a/c on for the first time this summer," his owner @logantheshepherd_ wrote in the video's caption. 

Of course the comments section had something to say about the pup's viral video. So many people wrote in to say something about the sidesplitting footage. "He is like 'window, window on the floor, who’s the fluffiest of them all?'" @behradzeinali2 joked. "Mine use to do that when she was a puppy. Now she sits and barks and growls at it," @lollipopnolden16 shared. "He's like, 'why is there air coming out of the ground?'" @miguelcorcoles01 quipped. 

Although another commenter brought up a very good point: "See, this is why you get a Shepherd: protect you from the potentially dangerous air vent," @rollo_tomassi_did_it teased.

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But we're on Logan's side. After all, he just needed to keep cool.

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