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Video of German Shepherd Patiently Waiting for Baby to Throw a Ball Is Too Cute

Dogs make the best big siblings. Not only can they be the sweetest, silliest playmates for kids of any age, but they'll never start arguments over typical sibling stuff, either. Sounds like a win-win, right? 

Most of the time we'd say yes, but it can still be tricky to have both a dog and an infant at home. The true fun starts when a child is old enough to safely play with a pup, but @madisonrich8's German Shepherd is learning this the hard way. Wilson is being as gentle as can be with the baby for sure, but no amount of licking and panting will make the lil' guy grow any faster. Sorry, Wilson! Wait until you see how cute this is.

Aw, poor guy! He's getting so excited for his little brother to throw the ball, but he'll be waiting another few months, at least. Still, it's so cute to see him try!

The comments section of this video is packed with TikTokers who think exactly like we do, and boy are we enjoying reading them all. There's as much to enjoy in the comments as there is in the video itself! 

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"Dog: 'Listen, I know you’re new here, but imma need you to get it together,'” wrote @sundaymondaycrappydays. LMAO! No wonder this is the most-liked comment on the post--it's funny and accurate! Almost like they read Winston's mind or something...

Honestly, though, the best responses to this video point out a wide range of details. @Satanic.lootahz got a laugh from the GSD's "breathing of anticipation 😂," while @cooking_with_jojo loved "his patience 😂🥰." See? Every comment gives us something new to appreciate. 

This precious moment also inspired a lot, and we mean a lot, of references. One of our favorites was a throwback to a 2000's animated classic from @tattoed_elmo_on_wheels: "'Well what are you waiting for' 'idk something amazing I guess' 😂🥰." The Incredibles, anybody?

Even if you don't get the reference, there's no doubt the friendship between this pair will be something amazing. It's worth the wait!

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