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Video of German Shepherd Playing With Baby Ducks Is as Innocent as It Gets

We know that dogs are man’s best friend, but what about baby ducks? While that might seem like an unlikely pairing, it’s very real for one German Shepherd, who was given a flock of baby ducks and decided to make friends.

We typically think of German Shepherds as being fierce protectors, but thankfully, the dog was being extra gentle in the video recently shared on TikTok. The footage shows the pup with his little flock, just splashing about. “I bought my dog some baby ducks,” the pooch’s owner (@von.jakoba) wrote in the text of the video. “And he loves them.”

OMG. Could this possibly be any cuter?! It's almost as if the pup is taking on a parental role to keep these little ducks safe. Just the sweetest. Some commenters were smitten with how gentle the dog was being with his new pals. “Oh! He’s the goodest boy in the entire world,” swooned @bootsy01. “Just living a Disney life! Where all animals can be besties 🥰 hahaha love that,” @jbu_3486 joked. And @lisaworthy3908 called the video, “Pure sweetness.”

Although, other people were just a bit worried. “My dog also wants to eat mine. Gotta keep them separated,” @mistydawnroberts chimed in. “I did this and my dog ate them ….,” @emmabright97 added. “Don’t play with your food 😂,” @darsheel_tailor joked.

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Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like this pup is confusing friends with food. We’re sure they’re off splashing around in their pool as we speak.

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