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German Shepherd's Sweet Friendship With Bobcat Kitten Is Totally Irresistible

There are some people in the world who believe everyone has a doppelganger, someone that looks just like you, but you're not related. And honestly, it's a little scary how similar someone can look. Most versions of doppelgangers might come from people who look like celebrities. And they probably get the same line, 'You look like so and so!' Maybe you, or someone you know, has experienced that before. But have you ever thought that an animal might get that? 

For example, we're sure there are dogs out there that look just like Scooby Doo. Or for TikTok user @jessygabriel7, her two pets apparently look like Pixie and Brutus, which is a comic series. In the series, Pixie is a joyful kitten and her unlikely friend Brutus is a retired military dog. Now if this series ever wanted to make a live-action movie, they need to call up this TikToker and hire her German Shepherd and Bobcat kitten because the resemblance is unreal. Plus, their friendship is absolutely irresistible! 

Aww! We can't believe the two of them are hanging out like a couple of besties! Such an unlikely duo, but clearly it works. Maybe these two were the inspiration behind Pixie and Brutus. And if that's the case, hire them for the movie! Just as @Very.Noisy.Bones said, "Looks like we need a script and a director. Brutus and Pixie movie is now needed." We'd buy tickets to the first showing!  

And once the movie premiers, these two need to go on tour so we can see them in person! "So cute I wanna pet them so badly," wrote @cutie.jewels17. SAME! Let's rename "meet n greet" to "pet and meet" lol! 

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We seriously can't get over how these two are besties. You'd never expect it! @butters_inmy_fridge pointed out, "Bobkitty thinks it's a puppy aw 💞💞💞." She totally does! She's even panting like a dog. LOL! This TikToker needs to put out more Pixie and Bonnie content ASAP! 

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