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Video of German Shepherd Cuddling With Baby Is Too Cute for Words

Is anyone else's baby fever getting bigger the more they watch TikTok? Baby fever and the urge to add more dogs to your family? We can't be the only ones! There have been thousands of videos of dogs protecting the new nuggets of the family. And no matter how many times we see these clips, we can't get over it. The cuteness is too much that we just want to experience it ourselves! 

The latest to make our hearts melt came from TikTok user @von.jakoba. This creator captured the perfect moment of a German Shepherd cuddling with the baby. The dog was next to the sleeping baby, inspecting her to make sure everything was alright which is already so adorable. But trust us, it gets even better after the dog's evaluation! Before you go after these parents, they wrote in the comment section that the dog is never left alone with the baby. So instead of worrying, just enjoy the cuteness! 

Aww, the sleeping baby reached out to grab the dog’s paws! Then, the German Shepherd got closer, and the two started snuggling. That’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! Clearly, these two were instant besties. The creator even said in the comments that they were great with each other from day one. As @Pinky said, “And that’s how lifelong friends and memories are made.” It’s a beautiful friendship that we’re sure will grow stronger every single day.  

“She’s never alone, but you can tell that dog would never lay a paw on her,” wrote @I rarely post on here. That dog is all love for the baby! “Might as well return the locks to your house… nothing bads getting to that baby,” said @Brian McLaughlin. She’ll be the baby’s bestie, guard dog, protector and anything else she needs! This baby is absolutely in the best paws.