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German Shepherd Cuddles Up to Baby to Take a Nap in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

For generations, dogs and children have been the best of friends. Whether they play together, share snacks, or just share the same space, having a loyal companion can be one of the highlights of growing up. 

River and Koba are no exception. When the little girl won't settle down for a nap in her crib, she prefers to cuddle up on her buddy's bed. Sometimes, like in the video posted to @von.jakoba's TikTok account, Koba the German Shepherd even lies down with her. You can totally feel the love between these two!

Aww! We could just watch this clip forever. It's heartwarming to see how gentle Koba is with River--it's like she's his baby! 

@Mamaphoenix42 noticed this, too. She commented, "Doggies always look so worry on vids with "their" babies 🥺 I wonder if this is stressful for them, all this responsibility 🥰." Who knows! It's probably different from dog to dog, but we love what the original poster replied to this comment: "I think this guy just wanted her to scratch him lol." We'll pet you, Koba!

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The comments section turned into a German Shepherd fan club meeting, and we're not the least bit surprised. @toinfinityandbeyond1120 wrote, "That baby couldn’t be in better paws!! Love shepherds they’re the sweetest babies ever." They certainly are!

Of course, it would be impossible to discuss this video without acknowledging @von.jakoba's in-video text: "did you know exposing babies to pet hair helps build their immune system?" It's true! Every year, more and more studies seem to show that kids who were exposed to pets tend to have stronger immune systems. 

Every individual will be different, of course, and there's no guarantee that owning pets will ensure that "allergies wont exist for them 😁", as @3pillars808 worded it. Still, it's one of many benefits to having pets, especially with children in the house.

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