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German Shepherd's Reaction to Mom Giving Other Animals Attention Deserves an Oscar

Video of a German Shepherd getting into a real tizzy after her owner dared pay the family cat attention is the one thing you need to see today. Sam, of @thatshepherdsam, was clearly thrown by the move, but it was her super over-the-top reaction to the whole thing that has us really laughing. 

The pup's mama, Marina, managed to capture the whole incident and later shared it on their TikTok page. "My dogs dramatic response to me showing any other animals attention," the video's onscreen caption reads. The footage shows the cat slowly coming over to their owner, with Sam in the background. Quickly, she realizes that the cat was about to steal the stoplight. And Sam couldn't let that happen. 

The look on her face looks positively incredulous. "She can’t even believe I was about to pet the cat… absolutely flabbergasted," the caption reads.

The video must've resonated with other people online because it's since been watched over 1 million times. "Wait a damn minute, wait a DAMN minute," @josselyn1035 teased, as if reading Sam's mind. "She's, 'like are you serious?! Right in front of me?!'" @mr.cheekxz joked. "She said 'mom you better not DARE touch her don’t even think about it,'" @rileyblattner7 teased. "She’s really about to throw paws at you for even thinking about it," @browningj8 kidded. 

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We guess Sam must be super picky about who she spends her time with because a second video on her page shows her struggling to embrace two little puppies. "She's a 10 but she doesn't like kids," her owner joked in the text overlay. 

No judgement here, Sam.  

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