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Video of German Shepherd 'Fake Eating' to Annoy Her Brother Is Totally Priceless

Anyone with siblings will tell you how much fun it is to provoke their brother or sister. Sometimes, we will intentionally do obnoxious things to revel in our singling' annoyance. It seems as though dogs do similar things, according to one woman's viral video.

TikTok user @larry719_lynda622 recently shared a video of one of her German Shepherds, Lynda, pretending to eat her food. The text on the video says that her brother, Larry, inhaled his food and Lynda is fake eating to make him mad. Typical sibling behavior! Check out the video to see Lynda cause some sibling drama between herself and Larry.

LOL, this is too funny! Lynda clearly enjoyed provoking Larry, and her long stare at him between her fake bites was definitely intentional. Lynda is quite the teaser!

People in the comments thought Lynda's behavior was too good. @devils_advocate9999 imagined Lynda was saying, '"Look at me! I want you to see this,"' and @themrsstone24, commented, "Love the pettiness." Lynda definitely knows how to mess with her brother!

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Others shared stories of their pups doing similar things. @kerigarmswilson commented, "My female boxer does this to my male boxer. I give them each a bone, and she waits until he's done to start hers while he cries." Another user, @ab71383 said, "Mine fake eats too, and he will really sell it by grabbing a rock and moving around his mouth. I'm constantly telling him to spit the damn rock out." These dogs sure have some funny tricks up their sleeves!

This video is priceless, and we love seeing things like this that really showcase a dog's personality! We imagine Larry is now scheming a way to annoy Lynda in retaliation. Perhaps this will be the start of a sibling prank war.

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