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German Shepherd's Protective Reaction to Little Girl in Pool Proves How Loyal the Breed Is

There are many things to love about dogs, such as their adorable faces, their compassion, and, of course, their loyalty. One breed that goes above and beyond in their loyalty, however, is the German Shepherd, and one pup is proving his loyalty in a recently viral TikTok video.

TikTok user @broly_007 shared a video of their German Shepherd, Broly, and their daughter playing in the pool. When the little girl went down a slide and into the water, Broly was so worried for her safety. Check out the video to see how this German Shepherd reacted when he thought his sister might be in danger.

OMG, Broly is awesome! The way he paced around the pool to make sure she was safe was so sweet. We loved when he took a few steps in the water to meet her half way as she was getting out of the pool. Broly is giving us some major good boy energy right now.

People in the comments loved what this video showed us about dogs. @thor_enala_cane_corso said, "We should learn from animals and children. Friendship, respect, protection, loyalty, and unconditional love," and @chuccccckkkkkkk commented, "Only German Shepard owners know it’s a different love and loyalty than any other dog." Dog owners are endlessly lucky to have such wonderful relationships with their pets!

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Others shared their own stories of their loyal and protective dogs. @muddypuddlesarethebest commented, "The first time our Neo saw my daughter dive into a pool he freaked out and jumped in to 'save' her... turns out he can't swim." Another user, @kellyracic, said, "My dog goes nuts and will not settle when my kids are in the pool. She tries to pull them out by their hair." Dogs are always worried when their human siblings go in water, and their efforts to 'save' them are so sweet!

Among the many wonderful reasons to adopt a dog, they provide you a with a top-notch lifeguard that is always on duty for your kids. You'll never need to hire a babysitting again!

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