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German Shepherd's Impressive Hockey Save Has NHL Teams Paying Attention

You can forget about professional sports as you know it. There's something better coming on the block. With the amount of videos we've seen of animals picking up different sporting games, there's a chance there will be a pet-only league one day. From the classic Air Bud, to soccer players and now hockey goalies. Pets are truly doing it all! We're telling you, pet leagues are the next big thing.

One of the more impressive sporty animals we've seen comes from TikTok doggo @maggiethegoalie. This German Shepherd has cat-like reflexes, making her the perfect hockey goalie. Put her in the net and no puck is getting past her. Her saves are so impressive that even NHL teams are lining up sign her. Take a look! And then maybe watch it again in slowmo so you can actually see what's happening. LOL!  

Please tell us you caught that! Because we had to watch it a couple times to make sure she actually caught the puck. Don't worry, she did! That's insanely impressive! (BTW, they use a rubber puck! We were nervous at first too, LOL!) 

"Either the puck vanished into thin air or the pup caught it in her mouth - all I know is one minute I saw it, the next I didn't," commented @gnomieomieomie. Seriously! It went so quickly that you couldn't really tell where the puck went. Some goalies these days can't even do that! They're fumbling around with the puck before stopping it completely! "I don't think people realize how incredible this is 😯👍💯," added @CoolUncleT. Maybe they will once they see how many NHL teams want Maggie on the team! 

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The Chicago Blackhawks were giving praise and wrote, "Maggie 👏🙌." Then the Milwaukee Admirals said, "We'd like to sign Maggie for the 22-23 season." She better get trained up now! As far as her pay, she asked, "Do you offer a signing bonus in dog treats?" LOL! She deserves any pay she wants with these kind of skills! 

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