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German Shepherd Goes Bonkers For a Run and We're So Here for It

If you have to drag yourself out of bed for a morning workout, you're not alone. Tons of people find exercise to be challenging, time-consuming, and, well--boring! Dogs, on the other hand, seem like they can't get enough.

Though some pets will have higher greater needs than others, high-energy breeds like Shepherds and Huskies will rarely say no to a run. That's why pet parents like @explodevkonigshsaus are investing in canine exercise equipment. This popular video of theirs features one very excited (and gorgeous!) black German Shepherd getting hooked into her treadmill harness, but if you think that's cool, just wait until you see her run!

My goodness, this girl is fast! No wonder her dad had a carpet mill "treadmill" made for her. Naturally, there were tons of questions about this contraption in the comments section, and it was really cool of @explodevkonigshsaus to answer so many of them.

"It’s a carpet mill from grand carpet mills," he replied to @sarahmaszaros10. "100% worth it! there are a couple of youtube videos on how to make your own, though :)." Like with any new canine exercise routine, it's a good idea to double-check with your fur baby's vet before letting them go wild. Safety first, after all!

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Speaking of safety, it was certainly on OP (original poster)'s mind as he fastened his pup to her carpet mill. When @michaeladams374 asked why it took so long to do so, OP answered, "i want her in the right headspace before running; this dog has a LOT of drive and is very immature; she loses herself easily on the mill, and i need to be able to control her for her safety. no pain in waiting for her to be quiet!" Makes sense to us!

Then there's @ieobabe, who couldn't get over this pup's vocalization. "German shepherds are so vocal 😭," she said. OP agrees, and--from what we've seen so far--so do we. But hey, she's just really excited!

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