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German Shepherd Impresses Mom After Using His Sixth Sense to Guess a Big Secret

People always talk about how smart German Shepherds are. But they're also so protective too. Video of a German Shepherd "guarding" his mama has found its way to the internet, but when you find out why you'll be absolutely shocked. 

From the looks of it, this pup might be your run of the mill mama's boy, but according to his owner Aysen Genovese (@aysgenovese) there was an unusual reason why her dog insisted on staying so close. 

"My dog knowing I was pregnant before I did because he started randomly guarding me from my husband a week before my positive test," she wrote in the video's text overlay. Hilariously, the sound playing over the footage teases "I know something you don't," which is exactly the case. The pup was the only one who knew! 

With over 8 million views, people were sharing their own spooky pregnancy stories. "My rabbit knew 100%! She would get in between me and my partner and became super protective," @lollyrose97 wrote. "My dog was the reason why I took a pregnancy test, due in less than a month," @nanchula__ added. "My non-cuddler cat would position herself in the doorway facing out to guard the room I was in," @wheresmybookhusband chimed in. 

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And for someone else, they're own unusual experience happened recently. "I’ve been wondering all week why my dog has be so needy and attached to me, took a test today and turns out I’m pregnant," @janaemacdonald commented.

Although we think it's sort of funny that her doggo decided to protect his mama in her time of need. Or as commenter @alliebrig put it, it's almost like the pup was saying, “You’ve done enough sir, please respect our space."

Woof, tough crowd.

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