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German Shepherd’s Unconventional Hiding Spot Has The Internet in Stitches

Every household has a trickster. Although usually we think of them as being the pesky younger sibling or a dad who loves pranks. In one household, it's the family German Shepherd whose up to no good. As can be seen in a video where he got in big trouble for his sneaky hiding spot. Tsk tsk tsk. 

The video starts out totally normal. Just another day in the life of the Loggains family (@k9_cashmoney). However, pretty quickly it becomes clear that something is amiss. "The things that happen in our house," Heath Loggains wrote in the video onscreen text. The footage shows someone from the Loggains household walking into the laundry room — and you'll never guess where they found their dog, Cashmoney. "What are you doing?" a female voice can be heard asking off screen. "Why?" she asked, and we can totally hear the exasperation in her voice.

The comments section was in agreement: sometimes puppies just got be puppies, that's why. One commenter @leimomid brought up the classic pet adage, "If I fits, I sits." Too true. "I'm playing hide and seek. Now it is your turn to hide!"@nursejackie93 joked. "It’s on the fluff cycle!!!!" @user6566061218637 teased. 

And a few people wondered if he was just hiding out before a storm. "Poor baby. My dog is seriously scared of storms too," @angiebuchanan2016 explained.

One commenter was worried that the dog was at risk. "Dangerous! Even for a dog that is looking for a place to hide," @requeless2 warned. But in a second video, Loggains took the time to assure everyone that Cashmoney was totally okay. "It was unexpected," Loggains said in the footage, before adding that they often check their dryer because their cat likes to sneak inside too. 

All in all, it sounds like the pup just got scared by an oncoming storm and tried to go somewhere safe. "He's our baby, we would never dry him," Loggains said in the video. "We would never put him in there. So don't worry. Cashmoney's okay."