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German Shepherds' Impromptu Photoshoot With a Horse Couldn't Be More Perfect

When you have a pet, you have to learn to go with the flow. Things won't always go as planned, though sometimes these surprises can lead you down the most beautiful roads. 

TikToker and German Shepherd owner @von.jakoba's recent viral video is a great example of this. What began as a simple walk between paw-rent and two pups turned into an impromptu photoshoot with their neighbor's horse, and we are eating it up! This positively precious idea yielded some incredible photographs in the end--we just hope someone gets them framed!

Aren't these two just stunning together? So many commenters went wild for the dog's and horse's matching coat colors, but what truly blew everyone away were the animals' manners. 

"Omg this is beautiful the horse and doggo are so calm x," wrote @itsyagirlroseyy. Aren't they? We have a feeling the horse is very used to being around the pups, but the fence between them helps even more. After all, safety first! 

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"Wow these look so beautiful😍!!!" @goose7909 said."This account should have more attention bc it deserves it! quick question, what are all the dogs names?" Before you have too many questions, @von.jakoba has 5 German Shepherds, and there was actually more than one in this video. 

These two are Ryker and Kai. To get an idea of who is who, keep an eye out for a chunky red collar on one of the pups. Now that we're re-reading the comments, though, we wonder just how many viewers caught that there was more than one pup! We nearly missed it ourselves. We suppose cuteness is a great distraction!

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