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German Shepherd Who 'Thinks He's One of the Boys' Is a Total Legend

If Saturdays are for the boys, you'd better be inviting this dog over for a hangout when the weekend rolls around. He's totally one of the bros! @Hieeangel posted this hilarious clip on her TikTok account just one day ago, and it already boasts 3.4 million views. We can see why! With her pup chilling as nonchalantly as the dudes he's kicking it with, he could blend right in. All he's missing is a bucket hat and a drink nearby!

As if that's not already adorable enough, just wait until you see where this German Shepherd and his bros are hanging out. This dog is a true legend.

OMG! Epic, right? Okay, but seriously, this looks like an amazing way to spend a weekend. Warm water, best buds, and some sunshine? Yes, please! We totally get why this silly guy chose to hang out where he did, but the way he fits in so perfectly still makes us LOL. 

As you can guess, the comments on this video are just as hilarious as the video itself. Everyone's loving this German Shepherd's chill vibe and the way his friends included him without a second thought. 

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"He is one of the boys," wrote @whyyou_salty, and we totally agree! So do 19 thousand other people who liked that comment, so we consider this case closed. At least we did until we read @emilyshae95's comment. "Not only is he one of the boys," she began, "he’s the goodest of the boys." He most certainly is!

We can only imagine what's going through this puppers' mind as he hangs with his friends, but we love @golfaddict51's interpretation. "So did any of you bring treatos?” LMAO! At least now they know to bring something for him next time they get together.

"So boys don't u want hate it when you're mom breaks your treat in half?" joked @michaelrogers414. "Like come on lady give me the whole thing🙄." Ha! We could picture almost any dog being at least a little upset about that, but this guy is in the perfect spot to talk to the guys. Enjoy it, dude!

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