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German Shepherd Sweetly Hugs Baby Girl Just Like a Human Would

Two of the cutest things on earth are dogs and babies. Combining the two in one video is a surefire way to capture some major cuteness. One mom shared this lovely moment between her child and dog that's so sweet it's guaranteed to spike your blood sugar.

TikTok user @amandaa6613 recently shared a video of her daughter and German Shepherd playing together on the floor. Captured in this TikTok is a sweet display of affection from the pup to the little girl. Check out the video to see the lovely moment that is sure to melt your heart.

OMG, these two are just adorable! The way this pup hugged the little girl was exactly like a human would, and we just can't get enough of it. In the video caption, Mom says that these two are a month apart in age and have been together their whole lives. What an incredible bond they have!

People in the comments are fawning over this wonderful duo. @altea3227 said, "That’s genuine love and protection right there," and @hzleyezzz5 commented, "The dogs arm, I'm dying. What a loving memory caught on video." We could watch this video all day!

Others are talking about the great qualities German Shepherds have. @heaton18 commented, "Shepards are great family dogs," and @tasharchie said, "German Shepherds are the best with kids." German Shepherds are very protective over their loved ones and have a strong guarding instinct that makes them such a wonderful dog for kids to grow up with!

The bond between this mom's dog and daughter is every parent's dream, and we love that she shared this sweet moment with us. What a great experience for a young girl to have. Heck, we want our dogs to hug is like that!

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