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Woman's Refusal to Give Up on Integrating Rescued Dog Into the Family Is the Definition of Love

As fun and rewarding as it can be to rescue a pet, it can also be one of life's greatest challenges. Your new addition may be operating entirely out of fear, so behavior can be all but unpredictable for the first few months they're in your home (at least). Even if you try every comfort, technique, and training method you can think of, there's no guarantee everything will be smooth sailing. 

Dog mom @a_forest_witch learned this lesson firsthand with her rescued German Shepherd, Richard. He and his new fur brother did not get along at first, but she never gave up on him or his journey.

Wow--what an incredible story this boy has! We're even more impressed by his mama who stayed as strong and determined as she did since day 1. It couldn't have been easy! 

Commenter @corieblake thought of this too. She wrote, "I love this!! Not many would have made that kind of effort. Thank you for not giving up." Exactly! As the dedicated fur mama replied, "He absolutely deserved all the effort! And now I try to help people who loose hope with their own dogs ♥️." If that's not an inspiring story, we don't know what is!

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"So happy you took the time and didn't return him," commented @carriemcgonigle. Everyone would have been devestated! It's hard to think about such a beautiful, loving boy being on the shelter's kill list, but it's a harsh reality many animals have to face. Not with this dog mama around, though! Just like @rick4life 2 said, "You are a prime example of love without walls. So happy he found you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻." 

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