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German Shepherd's Reaction to Little Girl Giving Him Attention Has Us in Our Feelings

True dog lovers know that breed only counts for so much of a dog's personality, but that doesn't change any of the unfair stereotypes that spread even today. Some of the harshest, of course, affect the way people view Pit Bull breeds, even if the reality couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, large dogs of all kinds can be subject to this kind of negative bias.

Bane the German Shepherd knows exactly how this feels, but his human mama and Bernese Mountain Dog sister are helping him crush all sorts of stereotypes! One sweet video on their account @grizzly.bane is the most adorable proof, and we'd watch it for hours if we could.

What beautiful dogs! We're so happy both Bane and Brue (his fur sister) had the chance to get some love from that sweet girl. We can tell that it meant a lot to everyone. To be fair, we'd be excited to meet these pups, too! 

"I have two hands, therefore I can pet two dogs," @kamata44 commented on the video. "How can people ignore one??" We love your logic! It's such a shame that some folks feel afraid of a dog simply because of their breed, but videos like this are great ways to spread awareness of these fluffy angels.

"It brings me so much joy when kids come up to my German shepherd and ask to pet him," @katie.made shared. "It makes him so happy 🥺." Aww! We may only be children at heart, but we'd stop to pet your dog anytime. Just like @timothylee509 said, "The bigger the dog the bigger the baby, they all need and deserve love!"

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