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Video of German Shepherd Picking Up His 'Little Human' From School Is Everything

Dogs are man's best friend, and they are always proving this to us. Our pups are unbelievably loyal and very serious about keeping their family safe. One pup in particular is going viral in a video that is the perfect example of unwavering friendship.

TikTok user @zeushowardthatgsd recently shared a video of her German Shepherd, Zeus, as he waits in the school pick up line with her in the car. In the video, Zeus is very concerned about being late for pick-up and missing his 'little human.' Check out the video to see Zeus's reaction when he thinks they're going to be late!

OMG, this is so sweet. We love how worried Zeus was about missing the pick-up time! The text on the video says Zeus thinks it is his responsibility to collect the kids from school and he panics of they are late. This pup certainly loves his human siblings!

People in the comments are very impressed with Zeus's familial instincts. @danick429 said, "They are so smart and loyal—he literally understands you! If any dog could talk, it would be a German Shepherd." Another user @newdallasguy, commented, "German Shepherds want to have a job. It’s in their genetics. His job is to take care of your family, and he clearly loves doing it." We just love how deep the bond is between this pup and his family!

Others think this dog is just too cute for words. @badguyswin commented, "God, I love that look. I'm Shepard life forever, they are the bomb!" and @jamietaz said, "I love the head tilt! Shepherds are awesome." Zeus is certainly one of the most handsome pups we've ever seen!

We are obsessed with Zeus and how seriously he takes his job as family protector. There's nothing that could worry us with Zeus on guard dog duty!

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