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Sensitive German Shepherd Refuses to Accept Dad's Apology for Hurting His Feelings

We rarely see dogs upset when playing with toys. They're usually the ones initiating the play, which could go on for hours, as they never give up. But one sensitive German Shepherd soul turned down playtime with his dad after he accidentally got hit in the head with a toy. And by the looks of it, dad might not be forgiven anytime soon! 

TikTok user @zeushowardthatgsd shared a clip where the dog Zeus is snuggling up next to mom. You can hear the dad apologizing, but Zeus is not having any of it! The video says that Zeus kept putting his ears down and looking away when dad would come near him. Aww! Get a load of this sad boy.

You can apologize all you want, but we don't think Zeus is going to forget! One commenter said, "He's like, 'Do not downplay your actions. You did what you did.'😂." "The BETRAYAL. Hurts the feels. Forgiveness doesn’t equal forgotten. 🐺," added @With_Love_Wilhelmina. 

The only way to make it up to Zeus is what @Anne suggested. She said, "He will require a hand written a-paw-logy letter sir." An a-paw-logy letter plus a treat should do the trick! 

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Turns out German Shepherds are known for their sensitivity, as other TikTok users detailed their experiences with an upset pup. @CJ wrote, "If I don’t take my GSD with me to drop the kids off for school, she’s mad at me the entire day 😂." Sounds like that that pup is as much of a parent as @CJ is! Another TikTok user, @Heather Coquillette added, "Mine will literally huff and plop on the hardwood floor to let me know she is upset." Are we allowed to huff and plop on the floor too? 

Aww. We sure hope dad was finally forgiven and that the next game of fetch goes a little better for the two of them! 

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