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German Shepherd's Tender Reaction to New Puppy Sibling Couldn't Be Better

Do you know what's better than having a dog? Having two dogs, or in the case of this adorable video, "getting your dog a dog." German Shepherds are notorious for being very protective of their families, and other dogs who live in the home. 

Getting a second pup is a big commitment, but after a period of adjustment, it's usually just double the love and cuddles. Take a look at what sort of big brother Melvin will be to little sister Ronnie!

How sweet and gentle Melvin is welcoming the new addition to the family. Proud owner @melvinandronnie has another adorable video of new little sis rolling around while Melvin gently nudges her with his nose. 

So many commenters are touched by the interaction between these two siblings, with @Melissa Wonders saying, "Hi, dog professional here. And all I have to say is, you can tell your dog is so happy and well-socialized that this was a great decision!" @KrissHollyAnderson speaks for Melvin by posting, "Welcome! I shall kiss you a million times now!"

It's a good idea to go over the tips for introducing your dog to another dog. And one additional tip not mentioned in the linked article is to take a million videos so all of us can swoon over how adorable your new dog siblings are!

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