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German Shepherd's Gentle Way of Playing With Tiny Kitten Is Melting Hearts

Dogs and cats don't always get along. But when they do? Sometimes, we witness the purest, sweetest friendships between them. Such is the case for one very gentle German Shepherd and his tiny cat brother. A video of the two of them playing together was shared on TikTok by @nikadams01, and with close to a half a million views, so many people are falling for how cute they are together.

As you'll see, the kitten is still very small, but he's trying to hold his own against his much, much bigger brother. Just wait until you see how patient, playful, loving, and sweet the pup is with him.

Aww! What a gentle giant this precious boy is! Everyone is loving these two and leaving comments on the video. @Dave Purdy said, "Ahhh, these two are best buddies for sure!! 🥰." @Julz pointed out more detail about how cautious the dog is being, saying, "Such a gentle pup 🥺. You can tell how much it’s holding back and moving slow just to make sure it doesn’t hurt kitty. 😌❤️ So precious." Another commenter, @Lyndabobs added, "That dog has the patience of a saint 😂." He sure does!

Here's another video of the cat going back for some more playtime with his big bro. It's obvious that he can't get enough of him!

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And from the looks of it, this little cat just keeps getting more daring!

One thing's for sure, there will never be a dull moment in that house, and this is just the beginning of all the fun this dynamic duo is going to have. Hope their human parents are ready!

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