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Pomeranian and German Shepherd's 'Instant' Friendship Has Us Falling in Love

There's nothing better than meeting someone and becoming instant best friends. It feels like meeting your platonic soulmate, and it's an experience everyone hopes to have one day. Two neighboring dogs had this experience recently, and the result is too precious to miss.

TikTok user @colleentravels recently shared a video of her Pomeranian, Blueberry, and their neighbor's German Shepherd, Bear. In the video, the two meet and play through the fence until they finally meet face-to-face. Check out the video to see the lovely moment when they finally meet and marvel at their instant friendship!

Awww, we are so happy for Blueberry and Bear! We can tell they already love each other so much and will be best friends forever. Neither of these families better plan on moving for a long time!

People in the comments are obsessed with this friendship, and we can't blame them. @akela.blueeyed_husky said, "How cute, they’re besties! The last photo melted my heart," and @kristihewittkenefick commented, "That last picture, oh my heart! Friends for sure!" That photo totally needs to be framed and displayed in both of their houses—it's amazing!

Others loved the contrasting sizes of these two friends. @jez000skyler commented, "Small dogs and big dogs as friends are honestly the best duo," and @aimiloustu said, "A giant dog and a teeny dog as friends is so great." The size difference is comically adorable!

We love the friendship between Blueberry and Bear, and we hope to get a lot more videos of this duo in the future. We don't think we'll ever get tired of seeing these two play together!

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