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Video of German Shepherd's Strong Protective Instinct Has People Cheering

German Shepherd are known for being protective, but a video like the one shared by @lifewithkobi_gsd from Ireland proves that it's so true. It all started when Kobi thought he heard a loud noise back at the house while on a walk. So the pup insisted that he and his Papa turn back and go home, just in case something bad was happening.

The footage was later shared by Kobi's mama, who was touched that her dog was so concerned for her well-being. "Kobi heard a bang back at the cabin where I was alone," she wrote in the text overlay. "He looks at dad as if to say 'come on Dad, we gotta go check on Mom,'" it continues. "And then takes off towards the cabin." Initially, Kobi can't get in through the front door, but when dad finally got there and unlocked the door he rushed to his mama's side.

"Thank God I was okay," she wrote. "Dad was too busy laughing to walk fast... Look at the worry in his face," she added.

People in the comments section praised Kobi for looking out. "What a good boy and a gorgeous one too," @lissa__138 gushed. "Good boy!! I love my [German Shepherd] they are true guardians," @gwil08 agreed. "The way he looked around the corner so impatiently," @onelove0617 joked. "He went right into protective mode," @jjaybird32 remarked.

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Kobi definitely had his priorities straight.

"Protection like no other," the mom wrote in the caption. "He picked coming back to check on me over have a lovely walk in the woods with dad."

Now that's love!

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