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Video of German Shepherd Protecting Little Girl by the Pool Is Too Sweet

We love to spend a lazy day sitting at the pool. But we all know that when you mix small children + the water, you never really get to relax. On TikTok, one woman has a back-up system for her 4-year-old daughter in case she needs it. Although we're pretty sure she never thought her German Shepherd Ruger would be her second in command. 

From the footage on Deborah Pafumi's (@deborahpafumi) TikTok page, it's obvious that her dog Ruger and her daughter have a special bond. But that was never more true than when the two were at the pool in Pafumi's backyard. Ruger was intently watching the 4-year-old as she splashed around at the steps in the shallow end. At one point, Ruger seemed so concerned that he actually took steps to keep the girl from getting in the water. "Ruger on duty! 4-year-old will not fall in the pool while he's around," the video's caption states.

Over 630,000 people have watched Ruger and his BFF splash around and people were laughing at how protective the German Shepherd was. "He said ma'am…that is…nope…little hooman…ok, you’re done," @momma_anubis wrote. "She slips once and he’s like 'you’re done,'" @beeoh12 agreed. "He was looking around like excuse me are you seeing this," @brie778 joked. "Doggo said: now you're doing too much. Time for you to sit down," @whytictocs quipped. 

Another video on Pafumi's page demonstrated just how dedicated Ruger is to his family. "Far away outside but if I need him he's coming," the video's onscreen text reads.

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And that's why he's the best dog ever.

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