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Video of Mama German Shepherd 'Protecting' Her Puppies From Dad Is Cracking People Up

It’s strange how fast those mama bear instincts kick in one you have kids. And that’s true for animals, too. Just look at a German Shepherd on TikTok, who has people cracking up at the overprotective way she was treating her puppies’ father.

Video of Alpha going to bat for her pups has been watched almost 700,000 times — and yes, it’s clear why people were obsessed. The footage from @motohooligan3 shows Alpha standing in front of her newly delivered pups. And while some of us were in that post-delivery glow (or more realistically, taking a nap) after giving birth, Alpha was having a completely different reaction: rage. Her poor pup’s father! Unfortunately, he’s the target of those new parenting instincts and the interaction between the two has the internet talking.

Aww. She's letting him know who's in charge! Commenters couldn’t help themselves from making just a few jokes. “He’s like, damn, I ain’t even do nothing,” @jasondubois03 wrote. “Maury: He is NOT the father,” @the.beach.seeker joked. “She said like 400 words in that little weird noise… welcome to motherhood, my sweet friend,” @mfcbear added. While @edwardmitchem seemed to be channeling what the other dog was thinking, “I’m just here with the child support check!”

Although, we agree with @nessah_dgaf that perhaps Alpha was just explaining the way that things are going to work from now on. “Aww, how cute of the both of them. He just looks away without putting up a fight,” she wrote.

Yep, it looks like a lot has changed for these two. But don't worry, Dad. We're sure that things are going to take a turn for the best real soon.