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German Shepherd's Response to Little Sister Stealing Her Toys Is Precious

Little siblings. They really drive you bananas sometimes. Take it from a German Shepherd online who was thoroughly ticked when his little sister started playing with his toys and wouldn't give them back. We can practically hear the pup complaining to his mom in the footage. And we don't blame him one bit. 

The footage was shared by Aimee Clawson (@aimseeeees), who definitely has her hands full with these two. Achilles is about 5 years old and little Athena is only 7 weeks — so naturally they aren't always going to get along. But nothing really prepares you for sibling squabbles. Which was a lesson that Clawson learned the hard way when Athena stole her big brother's toys and wouldn't give them back. "Does she have both of your balls?" the dog mama can be heard saying from off-screen. "Athena, did you take both of the balls?" she asked. Yep, this is clearly some sibling beef. But you need to see Achilles reaction in the video below. 

"Little sister establishing her role," the video's caption reads. 

The comments section couldn't get over these two. “Here take one! Gawd! Didn’t have to get mom involved!” @mamaswirl702 joked. "Athena calling him a snitch at the end," @rokaythen pointed out. "One of my Beagle pups does this and then howls at the others if they come within 3 feet of him," @amaehler shared. "She’s like 'fine you big baby. Gotta get Mom involved and everything,'" @rescuerealtorsouthga teased. 

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It seems like their relationship is going to need just a bit of tweaking. Here's hoping that as Athena gets older she'll learn to share — or maybe mom is just going to need to get a second set of toys. 

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