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German Shepherd Sweetly Shares Her Toy With Human Baby Sister

Isn't it funny how dogs just kind of have this instinct to know to be gentle with human babies? It's like they realize just how small and fragile they are and want to treat them with care. One German Shepherd loves her human baby sister so much that she even brought her favorite toy to share with her.

The video of the dog and baby was shared on TikTok by @smiley.103 and has nearly 1 million views. In the clip, you'll see the baby, Ava, sitting in the hallway, and she gets very excited upon seeing her canine sister, Zoey, coming toward her with a toy. Watch just how gently the dog drops the toy in front of her. 

Are they the sweetest pair, or what? After seeing this adorable interaction, we all have one burning question on our brains. Why in the heck did mom have to step in and spoil all the fun? The minute she said, "Don't give her that," Zoey immediately took the toy away. Way to crash the party, mom!

Commenters on the video were quick to point out just how intelligent and obedient this pup is. @Alicia Qualls noted, "She’s so smart! You tell her not to give it to the baby and she picks it up and runs.😍" Another TikTok user, @Jennyl said, "She communicated to drop the toy, ‘blah,’ dog drops the toy, you say no, and the dog takes toy back. Everyone understood the assignment. ❤️." 

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It did sort of sound like the baby said, "blah" or "blech" after the toy was dropped, didn't it? @Tanja Eggiman195 added, "She is absolutely precious and so well behaved with her little human ❤️🐾." The video creator replied to that comment with, "She is so gentle with her."

We'd sure love to see more of these two cuties playing together. This is obviously just the beginning of a very beautiful friendship!

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