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Video of German Shepherd 'Putting on a Show' for Baby Is Totally Irresistible

Many people like to warn parents about mixing together dogs and kids. No one wants to have an incident where the dog accidentally bites the child, which is why some dog breeds are known to be better with children than others. It all depends on a dog's temperament. But don't let this discourage you because oftentimes families that have 'aggressive' dogs are absolutely perfect with children. Some of those dogs are even great protectors or in this particular case, a great entertainer for a child. 

TikTok user @evelyn.christine decided to show anyone who believes German Shepherds aren't good with children, just how sweet they can be. In her video which has over 1.7 million views, her little girl is sitting next to her dad's German Shepherd. And what the dog does to entertain the little girl is the sweetest thing. No aggression here, just full-on love from the doggo! 

So cute! This German Shepherd wanted to impress the baby and so she put on quite the singing performance. @Saraxkitty wrote, "I shall serenade the baby, 'woooowooowooo.'” The baby wasn't the only one impressed with the doggo's serenade, we'd listen to that all day long! 

TikTok user @PhoebesMom said, "I believe those two were speaking to each other in their own language." We do too! And we believe what they were saying in their language is similar to what @user_2121311 commented. She said, "The dog & baby just formed an alliance & are planning to overthrow everyone in the household 😂😂." HA! We'd be careful if we'd live in that house! 

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This video not only warms our hearts, but the comments from other TikTok users do too. Several people were sharing their positive experiences with German Shepherds and their children. For example, @deya sanchez said, "German Shepards are working dogs and are actually better with kids. Our Sheps would stay with small kids and not let them near our gate even if we were right there watching too. They're some of the best dogs in my opinion." We love to hear it! 

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