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German Shepherd’s Annoyance Over Mom Running the Vacuum Is Absolutely Classic

You know how there are those people who find cleaning the house relaxing? The majority of can’t stand it, especially when we have to vacuum daily to clean up all the fur our four-legged bestie leaves behind. The dreadful sound of the vacuum even follows us into our nightmares. Now, if it wasn’t frowned upon, we’d bark at vacuums as many dogs do. But then again, if we freaked out every time the vacuum is turned on, the house wouldn't get cleaned. 

If only our own dog could stop us from vacuuming like TikTok user @mooseknuckleshuffle26 does...wishful thinking! This German Shepherd must’ve been fed up with how much his mom cleans because more cleaning means less playtime of course! He decided to take matters into his own paws to let her know how he really feels about her running the vacuum. What he does is totally comical.

LMAO! He was not a fan of that vacuum in the slightest and he finally figured out a way to stop the demon. And as the caption reads, he was protecting his mom from the monster, so she can’t be mad! 

@Tyson Bartel commented, “Dog knows the Achilles heel to the vacuum.” Instead of wasting his energy by barking to get the noise to stop, he went straight to the source just like a Karen goes straight to the manager. LOL! This mom thinks her pup was trying to protect her but we think he just was annoyed. Another user said, he was probably thinking, ‘Mom, I was napping!” Ha! How dare she interrupt his slumber?! 

“When ur dog pays the house bills 😂,” wrote another commenter. He’s letting her know that she’s run the vacuum long enough and that he can’t afford the electric bill going any higher. Time to limit cleaning time to every other week so there’s more time for playing!