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German Shepherd Enjoys Veteran's Day Meal After 2 Tours in Afghanistan

Veterans day may have passed, but that never means we should forget or ignore the sacrifices our country's veterans have made. That includes military dogs, too! Even though these extra special canines aren't included in many of the annual Veteran's Day deals, the kind folks at Texas Roadhouse have been treating one pup to meals every year.

The New York-based rescue @sweetbuffalototherescue posted the special video to honor this German Shepherd and his service. Needless to say, TikTok is loving it just as much as we are.

What a precious boy! Not only has he done so much for his country and fellow servicemembers, but he is oh-so-gentle while sitting at the table. If we're being honest, he's one of the most polite dinner guests we've ever seen!

"What a sweet old guy," agreed commenter @mesheltik. "I’m so glad you did this for him!" We bet he appreciated this meal even more than a person would. Just look how closely he's watching his owner cut each bite!

@Irishbabygirl1167 wrote, "I hope he enjoys every bite…He’s a hero and a brave dog." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! We know he did his job so well while out on deployment, but we bet he brought so much joy and comfort to other soldiers, too! We applaud Texas Roadhouse for honoring this special guy.

"WOW this is amazing," @selenabaughman268 said. "And I now love Texas Roadhouse even more!!! Honoring our heroes." Because heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and species!

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