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German Shepherds’ Precious Reactions to a Bubble Machine Makes Our Day

Dogs are the perfect reminder for us to stop what we're doing and enjoy the little things in life. Actually, all pets remind us of that! They're always finding joy in the littlest things - a nice walk in the park, a toy and of course, a little treat. And just like a kid, dogs can find pure joy in bubbles. Again, even the smallest things can mean so much to them. We need to be more like that! 

TikTok user @ksdoggos shared a clip of two German Shepherds in the backyard. Their owner was setting up a bubble machine, sparking their curious minds to figure out what was happening. Their reaction once the bubbles start bubbling out is priceless. This clip will instantly put you in a good mood! 

They’re having so much fun and we want to join them! They were trying to catch them in their mouths like a kid trying to catch snowflakes. Aww! We forgot how much fun chasing bubbles can be, so this is bringing us back to our childhood. These two will probably be out there until all the bubbles run out! 

"Everyone: Shepherds so tough and scary. Shepherds: BUBBLES🤩," commented @🦕Nugget🦖. LOL! There is no way one could think a German Shepherd is scary after seeing one play with bubbles. They’re just cute and cuddly. 

@FireBird made an awesome suggestion. The comment read, “Have you got the bacon flavor bubbles? Mia goes mad for them ones.” We’re sorry, bacon flavor bubbles?! Since when was that a thing? The creator said they haven’t bought the bacon-flavored ones yet, but they’re waiting on the peanut butter bubbles to come in. LOL! Guess there’s a whole gourmet line of bubbles for dogs. Who knew?!

“Excuse me, is it possible to like a video more than once?” asked @Beat Mikhailova. If so, we’d like this a few thousand times! But since we don’t think TikTok has that function, here’s more bubble fun.

Another user, @dessie called us out by saying, “Honestly, do we buy these toys for us or the animals? 😂 Sometimes, I think it’s more for us.” HA! It’s totally more for our entertainment, but it does help the dogs love it, too.