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German Shorthaired Pointer's 'Extra' Reaction to Seeing His Humans After Vacation is So Hilariously Goofy

No matter how much you think your dog is a perfect angel, you have to admit that sometimes they are total goofballs. One place where they almost always let out their inner weird is at the boarders. Maybe it's because their humans aren't around, but something hilarious always happens when they're there. Tango the German Shorthaired Pointer is no exception, and video of him seeing his mama for the first time after a vacation is too funny. 

We guess you could call this #puppycareproblems, but luckily for us the whole thing was caught on tape. Footage was later shared on the @tango_gsp TikTok page and shows a perhaps too excited Tango as he came through his boarder's door. "Mom and dad took my hooman brothers out of town for nine days… I finally got to see my mom!!!" the video's caption reads. Just look at how Tango seems to be tussling with his own leash. Tsk tsk tsk.

Tango had people in the comments section cracking up. "The way he came out the door with the leash," @laurenmullins12 commented. "My dog is definitely extra," @leximydog chimed in. "This is so sweet! When I come pick up my dog from the boarders, she rolls her eyes and her expression is all 'Where have you been attendant?!?'" @arosekf22 wrote. "I’m so glad my Corgi has short legs because otherwise she is this vibe. Adorable but…..a lot," @tamarabeadles joked.

.The footage of Tango is played over a TikTok "sound" of a woman advising the listener not to feel bad for being "extra" — "Look them in their face and say, 'Am I extra or are you boring?'" the woman says. In this case we'd have to argue that we're definitely the boring ones.