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German Shorthaired Pointer Leaves Mom Stunned With Hilarious Pose

Dogs are the funniest. Not only are they big old goofballs, they always will surprise you with the hilarious things they do. So it's no wonder that one dog owner couldn't stop laughing when her dog struck an unusual pose. In all fairness, the pup was just so excited to see the new kitten that mama had in her arms. But the way she reacted to the cat had her owner in stitches.

The pup's mama Katherine (@kltaylor826) was laughing so hard when she realized that her dog wasn't finished checking out the new kitten, Catthew. And when you see the way the pooch reacted we're sure you'll be laughing too. "I was holding the kitten when..." the video's text overlay reads. Fair warning, there's some swearing in the video so watch this video away from the kiddos.

 "Safe to say she is VERY interested in Catthew," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section were just as tickled as Katherine was. "I'm crying it looks like she's holding the phone in the beginning," @bluejuicydroppoplover wrote. "She's paying so much attention to the cat that she's just forgotten gravity," @spondy211 kidded. "I love how you can hear the kitten purring in the background LOL," @blackbeancrunchwrapp wrote. 

But one commenter made the biggest point: "We need a Catthew reveal!!" And thankfully, Katherine delivered. The mom shared a second video which showed her cuddling the newest member of their family. "He sounds like a lil motor," the text overlay reads. 

Okay, we totally get it. We're sort of obsessed with Catthew now too.