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Video of German Shorthaired Pointer's First Visit to The Pool is the Ultimate Fail

Although summer might be in full swing, it's safe to say that not everyone loves spending their time at the pool. In fact, some people are definitely not water people and judging by the way one German Shorthaired Pointer reacted to a tiny kiddie pool his owner set-up, he's not a big fan of splashing around either. 

For most of us, a day at the pool would spell F-U-N. But not for Inoki. For her it was the absolute worst. Her mom, Jessica Voigt @msjessicavoigt, just wanted her to give her new pool a try. But Inoki had no desire to give it a chance — she was practically squirming out of her mom's arms when she tried to gently place her in the water. Her reaction is just too funny. We can practically hear her going, "nope, nope, nope," from here. 

"Inoki’s first experience with her pool…you cant touch this!" her mom joked in the video's caption. 

With over 465,000 views, it seems like people really got a chuckle out of seeing Inoki's tiny freak out. "OMG that was so funny," @harleybby8 wrote. "She’s like 'what’s this?' Um 'that’s a nope,'" @shanna7803 joked. "First mistake you made was to offer clean water. They love the dirty water in lakes, ponds,... etc. Hate clean water," @belindaobrienn teased. 

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But Inoki wasn't alone in her distrust of her pool. "Took my Beagle three hours to put all four paws in his play pool. It was a long day. And he drank most of the water so it was a long night of potty breaks," @ellecarr0 shared. 

Welp, that's one way to keep your dog hydrated. 

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