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Woman Claims 'Ghost' Picked Up Her Cat in the Middle of the Night

A TikTok user named @_carmellarose shared the strangest video recently, in which she claims a ghost picked up her cat and moved it in the middle of the night. With over 1 million views, it definitely has people intrigued, to say the least.

The clip was taken in this woman's bedroom, and you'll see her lying on one side of the bed, and then the sleeping cat suddenly is picked up by someone or something and is moved to the other side of the bed with her. When you first watch it, it might make you do a double take.

What the heck?! At first glance, it does look like the cat is being picked up by an unseen force. Of course, TikTok users were quick to debunk the video, and they're convinced that this is nothing more than some sneaky movement on the part of the cat's owner. 

If you watch it closely, you can see the woman's arm moving the cat. One commenter, @shelbzshock said, "I had to do a double take, I saw your arm 😂. You almost got me, though." And @sup added, "U rolled with your cat! 😂 Nice effort lol." @Christina Garcia summed up what happened when most of us watched it: "The first time watching it 😳, second 🤭, third 🤨, fourth 😅… almost got me 😝."

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Believe it or not, though, there are a few people who responded to the video who think it's legit, and that they actually witnessed a ghost grabbing the cat. So far, it looks like the creator hasn't replied to any commenters to let them know if she pulled a fast one on us, so for now, shall we just say the jury's still out?

(Nah. Saw the arm for sure.)

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