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Dog's New Giant Playing Ball Puts All Others to Shame

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about what gifts you might need to purchase. More specifically, what gifts you might need for your fur babies. And we have a feeling we know what the best seller is going to be all thanks to this clip from TikTok user @radley_barkley

Most dogs love playing fetch with a ball. In fact, they could play all day long. So why not give them a ball unlike any other? Just look at this Pit Bull mix's reaction to this giant toy. Your dog could be just as happy!

O.M.G. We need this for our dogs and we needed it yesterday. LOL! This is a giant 40" ball known as a horse ball. We're predicting many TikTokers will be jumping online to buy this. That's probably why the video has over 4.8 million views in the first few days!

"Me running to Amazon to buy this as I send this video to my hubby to explain. Two spoiled pits are going to be very happy," said @jenniferelliott6. HA! That's what we're all doing! @eyesee33 added, "Why haven’t I thought of this?! Thank you." For real though, this is brilliant! So why are we just seeing it now!?

@princess_lux915 wrote, "That is the happiest doggo I have ever seen." Right!? We love that something so simple puts the biggest smile on our dogs' faces. We know what we'll be splurging on for our doggos this holiday season! Let's just hope they don't pop it within seconds. LOL! 


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