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Dog Mom Saying Her Pup Is 'Big' Is the Understatement of the Year

All dogs are wonderful, but there's just something so freaking cool about a big dog. And by big, we mean really, really big. 

Male Irish Wolf Hounds can grow to stand nearly three feet tall and weigh up to 180 pounds. They usually gallop rather than walk, and these gentle giants are calm, affectionate and agreeable pups. 

Check out this big baby that TikTok poster @Bruhpuppy posted and prepare to be amazed by this big boy. He's just everything! 

TikTok users are eating this hilarious video up. @EmilyRoberts asks, "Whose horse is that?" @Crookedyoung adds, "If I walked in and saw that woofer I’d be so happy!" @SidneyNichols isn't even sure that this big boy is a dog, commenting, "Babe that's a Star Wars character."

@DaishaStruble sums up what so many of us feel, posting, "My favorite thing to hear when I go to someone’s house is “I have a big dog” Us too! We'd love to hang out with this guy, he just looks like the biggest best TV watching buddy ever. 

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