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Video of Giant Schnauzer Being Carried in a Store Is Absolutely Priceless

With more and more stores opening their doors to furry friends, going shopping with your dog is easier than ever. It lets you avoid any separation anxiety (yours and your dog's) and spares you the heartache of saying goodbye at the front door, even just for an errand or two. 

Every store has its own rules regarding pets, though, so dog owners have to improvise sometimes. This is exactly what happened when Kingston the Giant Schnauzer and his pawrents happened across a shop that asks all dogs be carried. Luckily, that was no issue for @kyraowen11, who got to sit back and film the whole debacle instead. 

And the award for Dog Dad of the Year goes to...Kingston's dad! We simply adore how nonchalantly he lugs around his giant pup (yep, he's only 7 months old) and never even stops to adjust or switch arms. Clearly, these two are used to arrangements like this!

Commenter @ellieuncensored had the same thought, writing "I especially love how he can one arm it casually as he wanders and shops without a care." Right? I've seen parents carry toddlers like this but never an adult human-sized Schnauzer. 

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"Pup looks too comfortable," @sylvia_savvymom pointed out. "It’s not his first rodeo." Probably not! As hilarious as this arrangement looks to us viewers, it's probably just another day for Kingston and his family. 

Still, the thought of carrying their dogs through stores has commenters losing it. "I'm dying laughing!" wrote @fjdkfj. "I wouldn't be able to go in, there's absolutely no way I can carry my German Shepherd 😂🥰" HA! You are certainly not alone; many large dog owners wouldn't be able to carry their babies like Kingston's dad did. That makes his feat all the more impressive! 

Just like @starbiesandchill commented, "You can’t tell me that’s not one of his favorite stores 😂." With that kind of commitment? It must be!

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